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Basic Outpatient Counseling Program

choicesThe Basic Outpatient Counseling Program at ADS is approximately 8 weeks in length. However, a client’s actual time in the program is gauged on his or her success in meeting their treatment goals. Clients referred into basic outpatient have met criteria for a diagnosis of Substance Abuse.

Goals for Basic Outpatient clients include examining their past and current use of substances, and exploring what choices they may wish to make in order to avoid future problems with alcohol or drugs. Basic Outpatient consists primarily of group counseling sessions which are held once per week over the 8 week period. Individual counseling is provided as needed.

Random urinalysis drug testing is an important component of the Basic Outpatient program. Only clients who achieve a negative urinalysis (sometimes referred to as a “clean drug test”) are allowed to successfully complete the program. If a client is having difficulty meeting their treatment goals, then ADS treatment staff will meet with the client and discuss increasing the client’s treatment to a more intensive level in order to help them be successful.

Greensboro Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday from 6:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Asheboro Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.



Attending a group counseling session is informative and helpful for people who are open to new ideas and new approaches. Note that all ADS group sessions are facilitated by a professional counselor.

Members of a group often share a common goal, and they participate together in education & group discussion for the purpose of exploring new solutions to problems. Support, respect, and learning new coping skills are important factors in being an ADS group member as well as examining the events & choices that led you to treatment. Basic counseling groups are typically 2 hours in length. As a client of ADS services, you will be respected and valued.

confidentialYour right to privacy is protected under law. Your treatment with ADS is confidential and no information about you will be released to anyone without your expressed written consent. This includes family, employers, anyone. If you would like someone to receive information about your participation or progress, ADS will accommodate this request when you sign a consent for release of information. This puts you in control of who receives information and when.

What If I'm Not Sure I Even Have a "Substance Abuse" Problem?

That's OK too! Our Basic Outpatient Program is the perfect opportunity to just take a look at things. Most people don't seek treatment unless something has happened in their lives that caused a problem related to alcohol or drugs. At ADS, we recognize that this is your life and that you have a right to make your own choices. We are simply here to help. Sometimes, a single bad choice can bring us painful consequences and unexpected complications. In treatment, we try to deal with the reality at hand and to look for solutions to problems. Our aim is to help you evaluate if alcohol or drugs are playing a harmful role in your life, and if they are, to consider your options for dealing successfully with the problem.


Whatever your situation, you will find ADS a compassionate and caring collection of people who are interested in your success and in helping you move forward. If are interested, we have an online assessment that you can take for free. It's anonymous, meaning you don't even have to provide your name. The assessment might help you figure out if your substance use has progressed to the point of possibly becoming a problem. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.


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