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Serving Veterans

ADS is proud to announce we are now part of the VA’s Community Care Network!



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A new feature. You can now make a donation to ADS by text message. Just text GIVEADS to 44321 and help someone receive the help they need. Thank you!

NEWLY OFFERED - Buprenorphine (Subutex) Medication-Assisted Treatment

ADS is accepting new opioid dependent patients for Medication-Assisted Treatment with Buprenorphine (Subutex).
This service is free to eligible individuals through funding provided by Sandhills Center.
Treatment includes daily on-site dosing and intensive outpatient individual and group counseling. Please call for details.


Visit for important information about drug safety.


Visit for helpful suggestions promoting drug safety.


Visit to make a real difference with drug safety in your home and community.

Insurance Companies That Are "In-Network" at ADS

Medicare Advantage Plans
The Sandhills Center
United Healthcare
Veterans Administration

ADS - What We Do!

Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS) is a local non-profit organization that helps to reduce the impact of substance abuse in our community. We provide prevention and treatment services to individuals and families impacted by addictive disease.

Prevention & Early Intervention

The goal of ADS Prevention and Early Intervention Services is to prevent & delay the onset of substance use among young people.

Outpatient Treatment

ADS provides a range of outpatient treatment programs for adults meeting diagnostic criteria for either substance abuse or substance dependency.

Opioid Treatment

The ADS Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) is a highly specialized program that incorporates medication-assisted therapy with ongoing outpatient counseling.

Client Testimonials

What have ADS client experiences
been like?
  • "ADS saved my life. I truly believe that I would not have made it through life without all the wonderful people that work and take care of me. Thank you ADS!!"

    ~ Mike

  • "You do a wonderful job of helping those that truly want to change. I will encourage those still battling addiction to get involved with your program."

    ~ Marcus

  • "Excellent therapist and teacher."

    from a Former ADS client  

  • "It helps to be able to talk with someone."

    from a Former ADS client  

  • "I really enjoyed coming to class. It helped me a lot. Thank you."

    from a Former ADS client  

  • "I learned a lot about addiction and disease and how to not feel guilty about my past. I was able to stay clean and get the help I needed by coming to class and talking and listening."

    from a Former ADS client  

  • "IOP and Aftercare have really helped me in my addiction and to know what to do in the future. Thanks for giving me my life back."

    from a Former ADS client  

  • "Everyone at both clinics (East & West) are extremely wonderful and helpful. I feel like they’re family."

    from a Former ADS client  

  • "ADS saved my life and are some of the greatest people I’ve ever known."

    from a Former ADS client  

  • "I came here wanting help and ADS has provided more than expected. I thank them very much."

    from a Former ADS client  

  • "This program is a good place. Without it I don’t know where I would be right now. Thank you guys!"

    from a Former ADS client  

Request a Callback from an ADS Counselor

calbackComplete this confidential online screening to have a counselor call you back about ADS services. The online screening provides us with important information about your main concerns and will help us better serve you. The information that you provide is strictly confidential.

Online Screening and Callback Request

Take Our Online Alcohol / Drug, Depression, or Anxiety Assessment

assessmentADS provides free & anonymous online substance abuse and mental health assessments. The assessments are for general guideline purposes only, but can give you a better idea of the extent that your substance use or other symptoms have become a problem.

Your name is not needed. You may take the assessment and remain completely anonymous.

Alcohol / Drug Assessment | Anxiety Assessment | Depression Assessment

Request An ADS Staff Presentation at Your Location


ADS can provide presentations on alcohol and drugs for school audiences, employers, churches, and other local organizations. Substance abuse problems and their associated costs are unfortunately found in a wide variety of settings.

We can come to your location and present the latest information on alcohol and drug issues facing the community as well as what can be done to prevent substance abuse from occurring. We can also address treating alcohol and drug disorders once they are identified.

Request A Presentation

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Treatment & Recovery Articles

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A Physician's Perspective on Opioid Addiction & Treatment

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Dr. Jana Burson

On Opioid Treatment Resources and the Recovery Process

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Find Community Support For Your Recovery ...

Find Community SupportLocating community support is important to an individual's long term recovery success. Listed here are links to area 12 Step meetings. Local churches also sometimes provide fellowship & support for those specifically dealing with addiction-related issues.

AA Meetings
NA Meetings
AA Meetings
NA Meetings
High Point
AA Meetings
NA Meetings
AA Meetings
NA Meetings
AA Meetings
NA Meetings


AA Website | NA Website

Local Alanon/Alateen | NC Alanon


Promoting wellness through quality substance abuse prevention & treatment services that transform lives.
ADS is a non-profit organization.

Make a Donation to ADS

Alcohol and Drug Services has been providing compassionate care and quality services to the Triad community for over 42 years. Our programs are partially supported by State and Federal funding. However, this funding has been severely cut in recent years. Your donation can help ADS keep the tradition alive of helping people recover from addiction. Thank you in advance for your generosity and for partnering with ADS to help us serve the local community.