There is clear evidence that parenting practices, attitudes, values, and behaviors of parents/guardians influence whether their children will use drugs or engage in other unhealthy behaviors.

ADS offers interactive workshops and programs that provide families with the information and resources to ACT NOW to prevent drug use among children and adolescents. Workshops are tailored to meet the need of each audience. Topics include:

Addiction and the Family
Building Resilience in Children
Current Drug Trends
Raising A Drug-Free Child
Parenting in the Age of Technology
Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of Substance Use
Double Edge Sword: Empowerment vs. Enabling
And many more topics
LIFESTYLES (Guilford County) and SAFTE (Lee County) – family education and intervention programs designed to educate teens and parents/guardians regarding issues of, not only alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, but also about healthy family relationships. The program emphasizes wellness through improved communications between teens and their parent(s)/guardian(s); and overall social/life skills development. Some topics include: current drug trends, effective communication skills, impact of drug use/abuse on the family, legal consequences, and other group specific topics. Referrals are accepted from parents, schools, court, and community agencies.

9 out of 10 of adults who become addicted began using before the age of 18.
Did You Know
• The adolescent brain is still developing until age 25.
• The Prefrontal Cortex is the last to develop and it controls judgment and decision making.
• If a teen uses drugs before the age of 18, they are 25% more likely to become addicted in adulthood.
• Research indicates the longer you delay the onset of substance use you decrease the likelihood of addiction in adulthood to 4%.
• Teen substance use affects decision making, concentration and memory.