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Prevention & Early Intervention Overview

“Our mission is to provide expert services in substance abuse prevention and mental health promotion and promote positive change through consultation, education, and advocacy by qualified and caring professionals.”

drug-free-kids“If we could substantially improve the chances that our children would avoid accidents, injuries, a range of medical and mental health problems, unintended pregnancies, criminal involvement and even death, and that they would do better academically and professionally, would we do it? If we could help cut their chances of acquiring a lifetime chronic and debilitating health condition from one in four to one in 25 or less, would we do it?” – Jim Ramstad, Former Member of Congress (MN-3)


ADS believes the answer would be YES!




Simply put … PREVENTION green-arrow2

The goal of ADS Prevention and Early Intervention Services is to prevent and delay the onset of substance use among young people.  Specifically services are designed to:

  • Reduce the rates of alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) use among youth.
  • Delay the onset of ATOD among adolescents for as long as possible.
  • Identify risks associated with substance use and to work with individuals and communities to reduce or eliminate such risks and promote wellness through providing accurate up-to-date information, skills development and community collaboration.
  • Promote community and social norms that support healthy drug-free lifestyles.


According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, prevention results in:

  • better academic performance among teens that don’t use drugs
  • fewer auto accidents from reduced drugged driving
  • more productive workplaces due to lower absenteeism
  • lower HIV transmission rates due to decreased injection drug use
  • safer home environments for children previously considered drug-endangered
  • revitalized neighborhoods due to coalition-based efforts.

Prevention Services Life Span

“Services across the life span”

We serve youth (0-17), families and the communities that impact young people.

Our Prevention and Early Intervention Services are guided by the following principles:

  • Families, youth, risk groups, and professionals, volunteers and communities that impact those groups are the target populations to receive our services.
  • Services are designed to address assessed needs and established goals.
  • Services are designed to draw on community-based values, traditions and customs of those we serve.
  • Services incorporate best practice principles, strategies and models.
  • Community input is important; therefore, consultation, planning, and evaluation are shared responsibilities of our staff and the community.