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new-beginningsWhat to Expect When You Come to ADS

You may be wondering what happens when someone comes to ADS and is interested in receiving services for an alcohol or drug problem. Below is a step-by-step overview of what happens when you contact ADS for help.


  • You may walk in to speak with a counselor who will assess your problem or need. The counselor will discuss with you various treatment options based on the information you share. Note that ADS also provides an online form which you can submit from home.  After submitting this online form, a counselor will call you back to discuss options.


  • After speaking with a counselor, you may choose to receive services from ADS, or we can help refer you to another community provider who can better assist you with your problem or need.


  • If you are appropriate for ADS’ services, a financial assessment will occur to determine how the services will be paid for.  Once that is determined, you are scheduled for an admission appointment.


  • The admission appointment usually occurs within a few days of your initial contact with ADS. The admission appointment takes about two hours and involves sitting with a counselor who will gather more background information on the substance abuse problem and enter data into the computer to open your client file. The counselor will review ADS policies and treatment guidelines with you, and explain exactly when you will come for your counseling sessions.


  • Begin treatment.  Once you arrive for your first session, you will be greeted by your group or individual counselor in the lobby.  The counselor will be with you during your counseling session. Group sessions are made up of other clients with similar substance abuse problems. Together, you learn new skills in the group setting like how to make positive lifestyle changes, become drug free, and avoid relapsing. Group sessions are in a discussion format and are always facilitated by at least one ADS counselor. Individual sessions occur between you and the counselor in the privacy of an office.


  • As you attend treatment sessions, you will hopefully begin to make progress with your issues. All clients are randomly drug tested several times during their treatment program. If you can show progress toward your goals and meet the program’s requirements, then you will eventually complete the program successfully. However, testing positive for drugs or experiencing other difficulties means that your case will be staffed by the ADS treatment team, and a recommendation for more intensive treatment may be made in order to help you succeed.



  • Before you complete the ADS treatment program, your counselor will meet with you to plan for discharge and to review additional options for your continuing care after treatment. Your long-term success is the goal. You and your counselor will discuss how to take your current success and turn it into long-term success.


It is important for you to know that ADS values its clients and we appreciate the opportunity to work with people on improving the quality of their lives.  We are in the business of helping people make positive changes.  We love what we do, and we hope that you will too!