Healthy Guilford Youth Leaders FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the HGYL Coalition

What are the benefits of participating in the HGYL Coalition?

❖ Educate peers about substance misuse and other teen issues
❖ Receive valuable trainings on leadership, substance misuse prevention, youth advocacy and much more
❖ Receive incentives for active participation
❖ Attend outings and trainings
❖ Network with teen leaders from other communities

Are training sessions and meetings mandatory?

❖ Yes, trainings are mandatory. Although HGYL is fun, it is also about business! To effectively make a difference in the community, you must obtain the necessary skills to do so which comes through training.
❖ It is also important to attend team meetings. As leaders, you will take the lead in deciding on which activities and events to conduct in the community. Activity and event planning will occur during monthly meetings.
❖ Your eligibility to attend trips and other exciting events will be determined by your attendance at meetings and participation in awareness events.

Who should I contact if I or my parents have questions?

❖ Calandra Lewis – 336-558-5649

Is transportation provided to and from meetings, activities, and events?

❖ No, transportation is not available to regular meetings. However, transportation may be available for certain outings. Please let the coalition advisor know when you need transportation.

How often am I required to attend meetings?

❖ The coalition advisor will set regularly scheduled meetings for the coalition. You are required to attend every meeting. If you are unable to attend, please let the advisor know in advance.

What type of recreational activities are provided?

❖ Recreational activities may include movies, skating, swimming, amusement parks, etc.

Am I expected to attend weekend activities and events?

❖ If there are weekend events, you will be informed well in advance. We would absolutely love for you to participate as we will need your help at those events! However, if you can’t attend, just let us know.

What is the mission of HGYL?

❖ Our mission is to empower youth, families, and the community while striving to prevent substance use and misuse among youth and young adults as well as creating a healthy and safe community.

Are there any costs to participate in HGYL?

❖ No!
❖ The only things you will need are enthusiasm and a desire to make a positive change in your peers and the community.