Lifestyles FAQs

For Parents: Frequently Asked Questions about the Lifestyles Program

What is Lifestyles?

Lifestyles is a series of educational classes designed as an early intervention tool to teach teens and parents about substance abuse and its consequences.


Why do I have to attend the classes when I am not the one who got in trouble?

A teenager’s chances of changing destructive behavior increases when parents are involved in the solution. Families work as systems. Any time one person gets sick or in trouble it affects everyone in the family.


Is it confidential?

Yes. Attendance is confidential.


Will people from other schools be in class with us?

Yes, there may be students and parents in class with you from other schools.


Where and when are the classes?

In Greensboro the classes are held at Alcohol & Drug Services (East) – 1101 Carolina St Greensboro, NC 27401. In High Point the classes are held at Alcohol & Drug Services (West) – 119 Chestnut St., High Point, NC 27262.
The ADS Prevention Consultant who conducts the initial assessment with your student will inform you of the dates and location of classes. The classes run from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.


Do both parents have to attend?

Both parents are not required to attend. However, it is important to work together as parents to provide a clear “no use” message and a united front when it comes to the issue of alcohol and other drug use.


What are the benefits of Lifestyles?

Lifestyles provides early intervention to students who have gotten in trouble at school because of alcohol or other drugs. The younger a person begins to use drugs and alcohol the more their chances of becoming addicted. Early intervention can be crucial to deter the progression of alcohol and drug use.