Prevention Service Plan

Evidence-Based Curriculum/Program: LIFESTYLES - High School
Program Description and Goals

Lifestyles is a brief family education and intervention program designed to educate students and parent(s)/guardian(s) regarding issues such as alcohol, other drugs and healthy family relationships. The program emphasizes wellness through improved communication patterns between student and his or her parent(s)/guardian(s). Lifestyles consists of three, two-hour sessions. Each highly interactive session provides information, activities, worksheets, role play assignments and video presentations to help students understand concepts presented in the class.

Lifestyles goals enhance participants’ ability to:

  • 1. Understand the consequences of using substances
  • 2. Correct myths concerning substance use
  • 3. Effectively make decisions that result in positive outcomes
  • 4. Demonstrate effective communication, and coping skills
  • 5. Identify and utilize conflict resolution skills
  • Other Factors To Be Addressed

    X Conflict resolution X Commitment to avoid high-risk behaviors X Reasons not to use drugs X Personal control and stress management skills X Positive peer group social norms X Understanding of impact of substance use on the family X Communication with parents and other adults X Establishment of clear rules and standards in family X Low self-esteem X Self-defeating perceptions regarding substance use consequences X Susceptibility to negative peer influences X Multiple and/or serious discipline infractions

    I acknowledge that the above information about Lifestyles and its goals have been explained to me and that I have read and understand the content. I agree to participate in the Lifestyles Program.
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