Project Success Service Plan

Evidence-Based Curriculum/Program: PROJECT SUCCESS
Program Description and Goals

Project SUCCESS is an interactive substance abuse prevention program that consists of 4 - 8 lessons that are delivered through group discussions and exercises, videos, and student worksheets. Project SUCCESS focuses on being an adolescent, the causes and effects of drug abuse, the impact of drugs on the family and coping with pressure and problems. Project SUCCESS goals include helping students to:

Lifestyles goals enhance participants’ ability to:

  • 1. Understand the misperceptions that may lead to substance use,
  • 2. Understand the consequences of using substances,
  • 3. Express a desire not to use substances,
  • 4. Develop skills to identify and resist pressures to use substances.
  • Other Factors To Be Addressed

    X Pro-social skills X Commitment to avoid high-risk behaviors X Belief that one can resist pro-drug pressures X Accurate knowledge of substance use X Positive peer group social norms X Belief in substance use myths X Self-defeating perceptions regarding substance use consequences

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