ABC News Anchor Discusses Her Alcoholism

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ABC News anchor, Elizabeth Vargas, recently went public with her struggle with alcoholism. After many years of concealing her addiction, she finally sought help and embraced recovery for her illness.

In a candid interview with long time co-anchor, George Stepanopoulos, Elizabeth explains how her chemical use covered up feelings of panic & anxiety. Her testimony is enlightening as she shared an evolving pattern of coping with accumulating stress & worry through alcohol use.

Having well-known public figures bravely share their stories of adversity and triumph helps others to face their own difficulties. The prevailing message remains the same regardless of when or where addiction is found. The message is that sobriety is real and within the reach of anyone who sincerely wants it.

The journey of facing one’s addiction can be quite scary as Elizabeth explains in the video below, but there is hope and happiness in change. Her struggle is familiar. Her story is compelling. Her success is eye-opening.