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Governors Institute on Opioid Addiction

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North Carolina has an informative website which addresses the rising opioid problem. The address is and this site highlights the issue of opioid use and misuse in the United States.

Mentioned there is that 998 North Carolinians died of opioid overdose in 2015. The Governors Institute offers guidelines on opioid prescribing and also focuses on the important role that medication-assisted treatment plays in helping to stem the rise of deadly opioid overdoses.

Naloxone, the life saving medication that reverses opioid overdose, is profiled at the Governor’s Institute. The site states that as of March 14, 2017 approximately 40,000 overdose prevention kits have been distributed through the NC Harm Reduction Coalition (

The message of recovery from addition is a powerful story, but one which sometimes gets overshadowed by the troubling news of opioids’ persistent effects on our society. There are millions of individuals in the U.S. struggling with addiction issues, but also an impressive number of people who are able to find recovery and a renewed purpose in living drug-free.

Support and treatment are vitally important for someone who is trying to face their addiction for the first time. It’s not easy, but it is possible. The Governor’s Institute is carrying forward a very helpful and necessary message of hope for those still in addiction.

“6400 Confirmed Naloxone Reversals” (reported by NCHRC)