Helping Someone In Opioid Overdose

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Death from opioid overdose is occurring across the country and is a chief concern for parents and families everywhere. The opioid epidemic has put many people at risk, particularly youth who often have limited understanding of the potential dangers of drug use and drug overdose.

This video outlines steps which anyone can take to help assess & intervene when someone has overdosed on opioids. The video is produced by the Opioid Overdose Prevention Coalition. This video is also viewable in the ADS Video Section of this website.

Opioid overdose does not necessarily have to be from heroin. Prescriptions for pain medications are readily made available throughout the country on a daily basis for legitimate pain management purposes. However, these medications often fall into the wrong hands and can be especially dangerous to individuals who have developed no physiological tolerance to opioids.

It is always best to appropriately dispose of any expired or unused prescription pain medications once the need for them has passed.