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$30 Million Proposed For NC Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders

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The NC Council of Community Programs just published its bi-monthly newsletter. In it, Governor McCrory proposed that $30 million dollars be allocated for Substance Use Disorders, Mental Health, and Developmental Disabilities. Included in the allocation is a standing order which allows naloxone to be dispensed to anyone who requests it. Approximately 2500 lives were saved in NC last year as the result of the quick administration of naloxone to opioid overdose victims.

Medication-Assisted Treatment and other preventive measures will also receive additional funding in an effort to curtail the rapid escalation of heroin addiction occurring throughout North Carolina.

The state ADATC’s (Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Centers) will see 10% of their funding be potentially redirected to local community inpatient qualified providers. These monies will be distributed through the LME’s (Local Management Entities) who oversee the spending of state tax dollars. This change is in support of a plan that will have ADATC’s begin to incorporate more insurance and private pay funding of their services.

Some of these funding details are covered as well in a WNCN news article located here.

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