Online 12 Step Resource

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There is an online community of recovering individuals who have joined an internet-based meeting forum by the name of This website hosts live online 12 step meetings and facilitates interaction between people who share the common cause of seeking sobriety and making positive changes in their lives.

iphone-appPaul Savery of the N.C Department of Health & Human Services recently distributed a link to this online resource to various public service agencies. Social networking is no longer restricted to one’s immediate town or city. With online communities, people from around the world can connect and support one another in a number of unique ways.

The website allows anyone to join for free and to share as little or as much as they like about their personal journey of recovery. Also available on the site is an extensive list of 12 Step Meetings as well as several iphone apps (pictured right) available for connecting with recovering friends via the InTheRooms website.

The site is not just for AA and NA enthusiasts, but provides online meetings for a number of other issues that people may struggle with including overeating and compulsive gambling. There is Alanon and Naranon support for family, friends, and significant others. The Narcotics Anonymous (NA) membership for the site is well over 100,000 people and the AA membership presently over 135,000.

This can be a useful resource for people on the go or maybe too far removed from an easy access local meeting.