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Smartphone App for Recovery

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Increasing numbers of people are utilizing their mobile phone for many purposes. Technology is now a daily companion and has become a helpful tool in organizing and scheduling our busy days. Smartphones have evolved into mini personal computers and now provide so much more than basic telephone communication.

Elements Behavioral Health based out of California have published an application for mobile phones called Cassava. Cassava is a personalized addiction recovery app that tracks one’s sobriety, links people to local 12 Step meetings in their area, and offers helpful advice for coping with stress and potential relapse risks.

The “app” (short for software application) generates a daily thought for the day that reinforces one’s recovery program and conviction to remain sober. In addition, the app links to hundreds of motivational articles on the recovery process so in a sense acts as a recovery library with relevant information available to recovering people 24 hours a day.

The app may be downloaded free of charge. Users only need set up an account to make the app live. It may be downloaded from the itunes app library located here.

Successful recovery depends on an individual remaining focused each day on making good choices and feeding the body, mind, and spirit with healthy thoughts and positive relationships. Personalized applications allow users to define what is most helpful to them and to then have ready access to those tools when needed.

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