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Thinking About The Meaning of Recovery

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The word Recovery is a powerful symbol of hope for people who deal with addiction. Before alcohol and drug addiction were so readily addressed in society, the medical community used recovery as a reference to that period of time when a person was recuperating from a surgery or extended illness. So-and-so has had a full recovery!

Today, recovery is frequently used in connection with an individual’s effort to stay substance free and to make positive changes in his or her life. The 12 Step community has popularized this word to the extent that it now stands alongside the word sobriety in relevance and meaning.

As we approach the holidays, staying clean and sober takes on extra special importance since the holidays can be stressful for some people or pose an increased risk of relapse. A personal recovery program provides support, guidance, and tools for coping with the holidays and hopefully emerging on the other side sober, grounded, and ready for a new year.

Dr. Jana Burson is a NC physician who specializes in opioid addiction treatment and who maintains an informative & inspirational blog about Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). She has a recent post I found thought-provoking entitled “Recovery Means …”. Maybe you will enjoy it or derive some meaning from her reflections.

Also interesting, a 2012 article at Partnership for Drug-Free Kids cited a survey which states that:

“10% of American Adults Report Being in Recovery from Substance Abuse or Addiction.”

That’s something to think about.