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Shocking Overdose Situation in Kentucky

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As we examine the opioid crisis in America, it is important to take note of trends in both the prevalence of opioid abuse as well as progress in providing education and treatment to address the problem.

CNN reported that during a 32 hour span of time between Wednesday and Friday of last week, emergency personnel responded to 52 overdose calls in Louisville, Kentucky. This was a substantial increase over the 25 overdose calls received in the same time span in the previous week.

The majority of the emergency calls were said to be in response to heroin overdoses. While death from overdose did not occur, one person using heroin died after crashing their car.

This same article referred to a similar situation in Cleveland, Ohio in which 14 people died from overdose in a single weekend. This rising trend in drug abuse and overdose deaths is screaming for national attention. The problem in the U.S. with rampant drug use has complex origins with no clear answer yet apparent for stemming the flow of drugs into the country or the willingness of people to use them.

It is assumed that many of these overdose deaths are resulting from potent mixtures of drugs being sold in the street, but there is also the likelihood that many users are newly addicted and relatively inexperienced.

Media coverage continues to be significant as this dilemma escalates. To be continued.

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