Deciding To Get Help

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Most people with a substance abuse problem hold off on getting help until they are in an unmistakably tough spot. This is human nature and also a big piece of the illness of addiction. Denial, and putting off the inevitable, keep many people out of treatment.

Addiction is a patient problem. While it sometimes escalates rapidly with very visible consequences, it often just sort of lingers rather quietly for years and years as one’s foundation slowly crumbles underneath them. We all know likable and very functional individuals for whom “addiction” seemed an unlikely scenario. Yet, he or she eventually crossed that invisible line and developed a chronic substance abuse disorder.

It has been said that “addiction is an equal opportunity disease.” Rather profound words in that so many people, from all walks of life, have fallen prey to various addictions never dreaming they were at risk. The reality is this: Addiction defies race, age, socio-economic status,  intelligence, education, and most all other distinguishing factors.  Addiction is also treatable, and can be arrested. As a true progressive illness, it will get worse if allowed to go on unchecked. The good news is that most every individual has the opportunity to choose a different path, a path that will lead to higher ground and a much improved life.

Deciding to get help is a conscious choice. It is a decision that rests ultimately with the individual whose life is being compromised or damaged by alcohol or drugs. Yes, embarrassment and shame sometimes weigh on the human heart as do pride, fear, and other strong emotions attached to having a substance problem. But one must shake these … if things are to change. Change is necessary. Deciding to change one’s direction is sometimes as simple as a phone call or an email.

Recovery from addiction is not easy, but it happens every single day. People recover … because they decide to do so. They choose recovery over using. If you are struggling with a substance problem, just remember that you do not have to be stuck. “Figuring it all out” is not even necessary. Admitting a problem, and asking for help, are necessary. At ADS, we gladly welcome you. You can talk freely and openly about your problem or mistakes. You will not be judged. Your information is kept private. And you will be honored for your courage in seeking help. ADS is all about change and solutions. Treatment is about receiving support, receiving guidance, and finding yourself. It’s about you getting better and feeling better.

Deciding to get help is your decision. ADS has been here helping for over 40 years. We’ll be here when you are ready.