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High Point Community Foundation Helps ADS

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Fox8 News has provided media coverage of ADS’ facility on Chestnut Drive in High Point and the assistance that ADS has received through the years from the High Point Community Foundation. The Foundation has provided funds that sustained ADS’ Prevention efforts among other upgrades to help keep the facility running.

The ADS High Point location used to provide medication-assisted treatment for local individuals coping with opioid addiction, but the services were discontinued years ago due to funding constraints. Never has there been a more appropriate time for the ADS High Point location to restart these valuable services. Numerous people have recently expressed hope that this may one day become a reality.

In the video below, Fox8’s Katie Nordeen interviews ADS CEO, Ron Rau, and ADS Prevention Consultant, Janet Riley-Wright, and she views the ADS High Point facility. Thank you to Katie for her coverage of ADS and to the High Point Community Foundation for their generous support of ADS’ mission to help those suffering with substance use issues.

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