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NC Attorney General Asking For More Effort To End Opioid Crisis

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WSOC-TV has published a segment on NC Attorney General Josh Stein who is aiming for additional funding to address the ongoing opioid crisis. Mr. Stein indicates that there are simply not enough treatment centers across the state of North Carolina to adequately meet the needs of those addicted to opioids.

The Hope Act is a proposed NC bill that would allocate $10 million in funding for additional addiction and recovery treatment centers. The WSOC-TV video below reveals that many people in the surrounding area have to drive 50 miles to obtain treatment services in Statesville, NC. Dr. Bobby Kearney of Statesville’s Addiction Recovery Medical Services treats about 500 patients who are battling addiction. Many of these patients are struggling specifically with an opioid use disorder.

Attorney General Stein believes that methadone and buprenorphine are the best options for people struggling with opioid addiction. Stein says “People want help. They need help, but the help is just not there.” Stein also points out that members of North Carolina’s law enforcement community are supporting this initiative.