Technology and Recovery

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Today’s technology is a valuable tool for recovering people, their families, treatment professionals, and most all organizations that serve our local community. From desktop PC’s, to laptops and tablets, to smartphones with internet access, we are all finding new ways to communicate with one another and to obtain the information that we need as quickly as possible.

Along these lines, ADS has launched a new website and is moving forward into the future. We want you to know all about our treatment approaches, the types of programs that we offer, to be better informed on addiction issues, and even inspired to partner with us as you journey forward with your personal goals and aspirations. Whether your are a future client, a human services agency, or a local business, we hope that you will find our new website an exciting resource that offers answers and earns your continued long-term interest & support.

The new ADS website offers more than just basic information. It is now a portal for connecting with a treatment professional and learning more about the field of addiction recovery. We live in challenging times. The demand for prevention and treatment services is substantial and actually outweighs the funding that is available to keep these services going.

However, the internet is providing innovative ways to deliver healthcare and to connect with people who are searching online for treatment resources. ADS aims to be a local leader in the endeavor of  blending internet technology with addiction prevention & treatment services.

As we forge ahead with these particular goals in mind, ADS would like to have your feedback. Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions. Your participation in our new website will be exciting and beneficial to our future development initiatives. We love new ideas. And we appreciate your support of our agency. Thank you for stopping by the new website. Hope you have a wonderful day!