Recent Heroin Overdoses in High Point, NC

Local Fox news reported that there were 7 heroin overdoses in Guilford County within a 24 hour period this past weekend. Guilford emergency workers responded to numerous calls. There have been 39 documented overdose incidents in the county since the end of 2013.

The Director of Guilford EMS, Jim Albright, was quoted as warning the public that much of the heroin being currently sold is laced with other drugs and additives – some of them toxic. In regard to using heroin, he said “You’re buying from someone that you don’t know who’s made it with ingredients you’re not aware of.”

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that has been linked to numerous deaths on the east coast just in the last six months. Since the super strong opioid is being mixed with heroin, users have no idea how potent the resulting combination of drugs may be that they are taking. Consequently, many are using an altered concoction that is potentially deadly. Albright called it a form of “Russian roulette”, and he emphasized that overdose can literally happen in seconds.

Some users were found on the scene with the needle still in their arm as a result of losing consciousness so quickly. The Fox news article mentioned the life saving drug Narcan as it is being used with increasing regularity to help revive those who have overdosed on opiates. Opioid overdose results in a dangerous shutdown in respiration that can leave a user dead or brain dead within a matter of minutes.


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7 Responses to “Recent Heroin Overdoses in High Point, NC”

  1. Deborah Murray says :

    My nephew, Dustin Simpson passed away last Friday, July 11, at High Point Regional Hospital from a Heroin overdose. Dustin was Aaron Lineberrys’s friend and attended Aarons funeral. Dustin died 4 months later from a heroin OD at the same hospital, cared for by the same nurse. His family is devasated and wants to help in anyway possible to stop the dealers. Dustin came from a loving, caring, Christian home. If it can happen in this home, it could happen to any family.
    If you are interested in continuing this story and need to interview another family we are willing to talk with you.

  2. Max Menius says :

    Deborah, thank you for your willingness to share this news and for your desire to help others prevent similar tragedies. I am so very sorry for your loss. A member of our staff will be contacting you.

  3. Cindy Carter says :

    My son who was also friends with Dustin Simpson, just overdosed Friday night and is alive but by the grace of GOD.
    I do not live in High Point anymore but have family and friends there. My son was also raised in a good home. His brothers and sister do not do drugs. I wish I knew what happened to make him want to stick a needle in his arm especially after losing friends to that poison. I will help however I can to to bring these dealers (killers) to justice.

  4. Max Menius says :

    Cindy, we are very relieved to hear that your son survived the overdose. You make a valid point about addiction being something that can happen in any family. This is a trend that has increased in recent years. Opioid addiction in particular is affecting more families than ever before and having a terrible impact on our community. Thank you for writing.

  5. angela flowers says :

    I found this post and my son Cody Arend died 11/8/11 from fentanyl overdose he also knew Aaron.. My cousin died today from heroin overdose. I too am wanting to stop this. Some how I am will and ready in anyway to get something going

  6. Jackie Walker says :

    I lost my son to a herion overdose 6/30/2015. There are no words of comfort.
    However, in our particular situation, the house where he died has had two other deaths in less than 14 months. This house continues to be a hub of drug use, criminal activity and is well known to the local police. Why do they let this happen? I have contacted the Chief of police, the town mayor, the investigating officer in my son’s case and the SBI agent who supposedly is working on this. What will it take to stop this before someone elses child dies?

  7. Kristina says :

    As a girl who is a recovering Heroin addict, I can understand how strong the drug is. Scramble is mixed with other things to make it stronger. It’s not fair to call dealers killers because if you use reponsibly and don’t over do it to the point where your nodding off than you should be okay. I have had a saying that I have been saying for a year “Heroin kills idiots” one because they want to do it to get high, I actually had a legit reason for starting to snort heroin, I had back pain and leg pain(prosthetic leg). Nobody understood that I needed pain medication and when I went to the doctor to get some she said she wasn’t able to prescribe me pain killers because I’m too young to need them(28 at the time). I also started using because on my 28th birthday I was raped by a guy I had known since I was 15 that really caused the depression and made me want to use to forget all the details of that. the second reason it’s not the dealers fault and shouldn’t be called “killers” is because the user chooses to buy the drug and because of that the dealer has no responsibility because the person doesn’t have to come up to them or call them to meet up to buy heroin! As I said before I am in recovery now and working on myself and regaining custody of my little girl. I am working to get rid of the hold that heroin had on me. My doctor put me on suboxone and that is helping with the cravings.

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