WFMY News2 Cover High Point Heroin Problem

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Local media have been increasing their coverage of the growing problem with opioid addiction in the Piedmont Triad community. In the article referenced here, Beating The Heroin Addiction, WFMY provide a news piece addressing the fact that 11 people in High Point have died of a heroin overdose since March and an additional 94 individuals have experienced an emergency non-fatal overdose.

The WFMY interview below contains the testimony of three men associated with the Greater Piedmont Teen Challenge program. Each of these men have pursued recovery from opioid addiction and attest to the power of being physically addicted to heroin and other opiates.

They describe being completely controlled by an opioid addiction and enduring loss in many essential areas of life once the power of heroin took over.

More funding is currently needed to support the expansion of opioid treatment services in Guilford County and the surrounding area. Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS) presently operate an opioid program in Greensboro that provides methadone, counseling, and support to those struggling with addiction to all types of opiates. ADS used to provide similar programs in High Point and Burlington, but had to close those programs in recent years due to deep State funding cuts.

Some have speculated that the loss of these opioid treatment services has accelerated the opioid epidemic and made it difficult, if not impossible, for those addicted to opiates to find the help they need to reclaim their lives.

Treatment is effective. Treatment saves lives, and is critical in helping Piedmont Triad families have options available to them if a loved one develops a debilitating, life-threatening opioid addiction.

With so many recent overdoses occurring and the threat of loss of life always present, time is critical in garnering resources and responding to this crisis as soon as possible. Please contact your local management entities (known as LME’s) who act as the portal for funding which supports substance abuse and mental health programs across the state. Let them know that you are concerned about heroin addiction, addiction to prescription painkillers, and the rash of opioid overdose deaths that have plagued the community.

The LME primarily serving Guilford County is Sandhills Center. They can be reached at: 910-673-9111.