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Triad Business Journal on Cone Health Foundation

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The Triad Business Journal recently covered the good work being done by the Cone Health Foundation in their ongoing effort to improve health in the Greensboro area.

Owen Covington of the TBJ published a story November 6, 2015 listing local agencies that have partnered with Cone Health Foundation to raise the provision and quality of various health services delivered to residents of Greensboro. These agencies have received financial support from the Cone Health Foundation and are actively engaged in providing general healthcare, mental health & substance abuse treatment, legal aid, specialized women’s and children’s services, assistance to address homelessness, HIV/AIDS risk reduction, YMCA/YWCA, and many other vital services.

Since 1997, the Foundation has offered more than $77 million in grants and assistance to various Greensboro-area groups. This year, Cone Health Foundation has offered $4.8 million in grants to various helping organizations.

ADS is very appreciative of the opportunity to partner with the Cone Health Foundation and to better assist those struggling with addiction and substance use disorders in the Greensboro community.

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