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PBS Frontline Highlights America’s Heroin Epidemic

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ADS Board Member, Stacy Smith, recently notified ADS staff of a powerful documentary she viewed which just aired on PBS. The film is titled Chasing Heroin.

It is an expertly produced piece on the resurgence of heroin addiction in America. Chasing Heroin profiles a number of individuals and families who are struggling with heroin/opioid addiction. The film is quite thought-provoking and specifically covers the medical benefits of medication-assisted treatment, such as methadone, while also exploring the mixed views & reactions of society toward treating addiction.

The two-hour investigative film can be viewed online at the link above. It also explores the ramifications of treating addiction as a medical illness vs. a criminal act.

Caution: This film does depict explicit drug use scenes and scenarios – so due care & consideration should be exercised by anyone who chooses to view the film. The film may have the effect of triggering those in early recovery. Please exercise appropriate safeguards.