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From Addiction to Recovery

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Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS) has been serving the Piedmont Triad community for over 40 years. During this time, the agency has offered a wide variety of treatment programs and prevention programs to help people learn to deal with addictive disease and to live a healthier life.

Most everyone knows someone who has struggled with alcohol or drug problems. Perhaps an uncle, a mom or dad, a friend, a son or daughter. Substance abuse problems know no boundaries. The invisible line into addiction, for many people, begins with what is considered an innocent curiosity or a recreational pastime. Others may develop a problem from a medication that is taken for too long such as a prescribed painkiller for a back injury.

However the problem begins, there is hope for recovery and there is help. The Triad presently has a number of agencies that deal specifically with substance abuse and mental health problems. Many of these agencies accept Medicaid and have access to additional State funding that helps to pay for treatment services for those with limited financial means.

In addition to treatment and prevention services, the Piedmont Triad is home to many local 12 Step meeting support groups and faith-based support groups for those wanting to overcome alcohol or drug abuse issues. The ADS website at offers several resource sections that list helping agencies and links to support group meetings throughout the larger Triad community.

In addition to substance abuse treatment, ADS offers an extensive Prevention & Early Intervention Program that focuses on helping youth to understand the dangers and risks associated with alcohol use and use of other drugs. ADS provides prevention education at no charge to schools, churches, and community organizations. The ADS Prevention department meets with and educates thousands of youth each year in an effort to help reduce the onset of teen substance use. These education efforts help to give kids & teens the tools necessary to make good choices and to cope successfully with negative peer pressure.

When alcohol and drugs take hold, some individuals can come to feel lost in addiction. But reaching out for and receiving help allows these same individuals to experience recovery and the hope that a new direction provides. ADS welcomes the opportunity to help people in this very worthwhile journey. If you know someone in need of help, please feel free to visit the ADS website and to browse the variety of local agencies that provide useful services. You can contact ADS though our website or by phone toll free at 1-855-801-9817. Have a great day!