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Powerful Message in The Overtaken Documentary

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There is a powerful and informative short film out – produced by KB Films, and entitled “The Overtaken Documentary“. The film addresses addiction in America and the various ways in which young people are introduced to drugs.

The Overtaken Documentary expertly highlights the insidious nature of addiction progression and how youth are wired to typically think “I’m different” or “It won’t happen to me”. The film contains numerous compelling personal interviews, many of them teens and young adults who became quickly addicted to drugs, and many of whom candidly attest to marijuana as the gateway drug that led them to deeper levels of addiction.

The film addresses the dangers of opioid overdose as well as the profound decline in the addicted person’s goals, healthy connection to others, and quality of life. Facing one’s addiction honestly is promoted as an extremely important step in turning things around. The film’s testimonials are emotionally moving, and it speaks well to all people who love someone with an addictive disorder.

Visitors can watch The Overtaken Documentary for free here on the ADS website (below), or on Youtube.


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