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Methamphetamines and Methadone Are Not The Same

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Monday, November 30th is the official start date of “National Meth Awareness Week” which is an initiative to educate the public on the dangers of methamphetamine abuse. This is a coordinated prevention program by the Partnership For Drug-Free Kids.

It is important to note that some people occasionally confuse “Meth” (a slang abbreviation for methamphetamine) with the FDA-approved medication, methadone. Methamphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant which can be highly addictive and is easily manufactured in home-made labs. Methadone, not to be confused with methamphetamine, is a synthetic opioid substitute that is given by prescription for pain management and for the treatment of opioid addiction.

Methamphetamine abuse has been widely covered in the news media for over a decade due in part to the rapid addiction and deterioration which emerge with even brief periods of methamphetamine abuse. Regular users often develop quick tolerance to the drug and overwhelming cravings that drive extended drug use binges.

Marcia Lee Taylor of Partnership For Drug-Free Kids is quoted as saying:

“Meth is highly addictive and we need to address the devastating effects abuse of the drug can have on our youth and nation.”

According to the linked article, research has shown that public drug education initiatives, such as National Meth Awareness Week, have had a direct effect on reducing teen methamphetamine abuse in Montana and five additional states.