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New Jennifer Aniston Movie Depicts Reality of Chronic Pain

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Cake is a recent movie starring Jennifer Aniston (released December 2014) which portrays the personal struggle of people suffering with debilitating chronic pain. Phoenix House, a drug treatment organization with locations in numerous states, published an informative review of the movie about a week ago. In their review of Cake, Phoenix House highlight the common path which often leads those with chronic pain to develop a dependency on prescription painkillers to manage ongoing, unrelenting physical pain.

The official movie trailer is embedded in the page below. Chronic pain affects millions of Americans and has led to an increase in the use of prescription opiates nationwide.

While opioid pain medication is extremely beneficial to those suffering with pain, it can quickly lead to physical tolerance and dependency. This becomes particularly problematic when an individual’s physician is no longer willing or able to continue prescribing pain medication.

If a patient has not been successfully tapered off of pain medication to which they have become dependent, then they will typically experience sudden, painful opioid withdrawal symptoms. This has led many individuals to secure prescription medications illegally on the street, or to turn to heroin given its cheap price and availability. ADS offers treatment and referral for those struggling with opioid addiction and dependence. We recognize the complex nature of opioid addiction and strive to help those who are suffering with it.

Disclaimer: This writer has not yet seen the movie, Cake, but plans to.