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Addiction to prescription pain killers is still an ongoing problem as reported in the The Wichita Eagle. The article highlights several issues around the continued misuse of opioid medications, and highlights a notable shift in the age of today’s substance users. It used to be that opioid addicted individuals most likely came from the older

Prescription Drug Abuse Trends

Thursday, 23 January 2014 by

The National Institute on Drug Abuse recently published some drug trend statistics pertaining to prescription medications in particular. The misuse of prescription drugs in the United States remains high and will require a concerted effort by all cities and states to educate the public & to prevent Rx drug abuse wherever possible. Here are some

Addiction and the Brain

Thursday, 23 January 2014 by

Food for thought: As a society, we often think of drug-induced behaviors as simply intentional misdeeds or “bad choices”. We live in a country that prizes personal independence, freedom, and self-determination. It is important to emphasize that drug addiction is a process which hijacks the brain’s neurochemistry and alters normal brain functioning. A drug addicted